Commer BF
RC Car is a vehicle appearing only in Twisted Metal 4. It has yet to appear in other Twisted Metal games.

Twisted Metal 4

RC Car serves as a boss of The Bedroom level and can be playable upon beating the game once or inputting ↑ ↓ ← Start → on the Password Screen. The identity of it's driver is unknown.


Type: Remote Control Commer BF

Handling: ??

Armor: ??

Speed: ??

Special Weapon: ??

Ray Gun: RC Car launches a deadly laser that only fires straight and ignites the targeted enemy.


Twisted Metal 4 - Custom Car's Boss' Ending00:43

Twisted Metal 4 - Custom Car's Boss' Ending

Note: This ending is shared with all other boss vehicles of the game as well as custom vehicles.


  • There could have been a possibility of the driver of RC Car having an info screen in TM4, as a copy of Mr. Grimm's Twisted Metal III info screen can be found in the game's files under the name "RCCAR.TIM[0]."
  • Interestingly, The "B.C." in Amazonia 3000 B.C.'s name has periods in it, while the "RC" in RC Car's name does not.
  • RC Car's beta name was Toy Car Boss.
  • Despite the name, It is unknown if RC Car is actually a remote controlled car or a real car that has been shrunken to the size of a miniature car as it is possible to play as RC Car or otherwise choose it as an opponent in other levels in Death Match Mode.

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