The Rain Missile is a weapon appearing exclusively in Twisted Metal III and Twisted Metal 4.


Twisted Metal III

The Rain Missile travels high and fast and can be manually detonated any time after launching. When detonated, it will separate into a ring of fireballs which plunge onto the ground and leave behind fire. The same result occurs when the missile directly hits a wall or a vehicle, but the number of fireballs that come out depends on what the missile connects with and/or how it connected.

Twisted Metal 4

The Rain Missile functions very differently in TM4. When fired, it slowly travels at a low height for one second before separating into smaller fireballs that descend to the ground into a straight row one-by-one. This weapon can no longer be detonated.

A variation of the Rain Missile exists, known as the Rain 2 Missile.


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