"That's a valuable piece of information you got there. The commander in the army vehicle died tonight trying to keep you from getting that box."
Calypso, Twisted Metal

Recorder Box

The recorder box of Flight 1745 is a prize that Agent Stone wanted to collect in Twisted Metal. The box held evidence that aliens truly existed, and Agent Stone was hired by an underground freedom organization to reveal it to the whole world.

Commander Mason wanted to collect that box as well, and in contrast, to retrieve it for the U.S. Government to keep it hidden from the public. He did not want the world to know that aliens existed, otherwise there would be panic among the public about possible alien invasions.

The recorder box also appears in Twisted Metal (2012) as part of Calypso's Trophy Case.

Twisted Metal - Crimson Fury's Ending-001:38

Twisted Metal - Crimson Fury's Ending-0

Twisted Metal - Warthog's Ending-001:33

Twisted Metal - Warthog's Ending-0

Lost Endings - Crimson Fury (Agent Stone) - Twisted Metal-001:27

Lost Endings - Crimson Fury (Agent Stone) - Twisted Metal-0

Lost Endings - Warthog (Commander Mason) - Twisted Metal01:20

Lost Endings - Warthog (Commander Mason) - Twisted Metal

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