River Park Rumble is the fourth level featured of Twisted Metal (1995).

Twisted Metal (1995)

Welcome to Beverly Hills! Try to take down 6 enemy vehicles while the 'beautiful people' run for cover! Ya know, come to think of it, take down some of the beautiful people while you're at it!

Music tracks: 

Twisted Metal 1 Stalk n Roll-002:05

Twisted Metal 1 Stalk n Roll-0

Twisted Metal 1 Asphalt Assault03:03

Twisted Metal 1 Asphalt Assault


  • This level features an ice-skating rink that can make your vehicle lose traction if driven on. There is also an ice-skating pedestrian that can be run over.
  • There is a Santa Claus pedestrian that can be run over as well.
  • There are "No Entry" type signs on the buildings, shoot them for a tunnel through the buildings.
  • This level would later inspire Downtown, as both are designed similarly.

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