"Winning on these streets means getting off the beaten path!"

Road Rage is the third level in Twisted Metal 4. The level is essentially a series of highways and appears to be set in Los Angeles. 6 normal opponents are present and Super Thumper is the boss opponent.

Music track:

Cypress Hill - Lightning Strikes03:34

Cypress Hill - Lightning Strikes

Tactics & strategies

  • A quicker way to defeat opponents; use either one of the teleporters and lay 3 Proximity Mines (even 2 can be enough). When the enemy goes through the teleporter, the explosion from the mines will be powerful enough to blast them right out of the map and kill them instantly.
  • You can easily outrun your opponents here, as the level is huge and intricate (although not as much as Minion's Maze, obviously).
  • At one spot, you can see an area behind a large window. Break it and it will reveal a Full Health, an Auto Lob, and a few more items.
  • Near one of the tunnels, you can break a wall and take some weapons, including a Lightning weapon. It isn't very difficult to find, as the wall is cracked, pointing out that it can be destroyed.
  • Super Thumper is fairly easy to fight. Just do not stay directly in front of it.


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