"This is it? This is going to bring me back to life?"
—Scott Campbell, Twisted Metal (1995)

Scott Campbell is the first driver of Spectre. Seeing that Spectre has a different driver in every Twisted Metal game, he only appears in Twisted Metal (1995). Oddly enough, Scott Campbell is the name of one of the co-founders of the Twisted Metal franchise.

Twisted Metal (1995)


A restless spirit who hopes Calypso's contest can make him whole again.

Vehicle: Spectre


Twisted Metal - Spectre's Ending01:38

Twisted Metal - Spectre's Ending

Twisted Metal - The Lost Endings Spectre's Ending01:27

Twisted Metal - The Lost Endings Spectre's Ending


  • Scott Campbell is the name of the co-founder of the Twisted Metal series. However, the live action actor who played as Scott is not the co-founder himself.
  • It is implied that Scott was killed by Needles Kane.


Twisted Metal (1995) (Lost Ending)

  • "Have you had time to look over my request?"
  • "I'm alive! Thank you, Calypso! I feel great! I feel..."
  • "No!!"

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