Twisted Metal - Small Brawl - Shock Therapy lvlsel

Shock Therapy is a small-sized science lab that, as its name explains, has a huge amount of electricity. It is unlocked after getting 10 kills in Endurance Mode. This level includes an Environmental Weapon, and when activated, the bulbs will electrify any vehicle on the floor.

Twisted Metal- Small Brawl OST - Shock Therapy03:30

Twisted Metal- Small Brawl OST - Shock Therapy


Dripping Green Acid: Deals small damage to any vehicle that drives under it
Location: The table
Falling Jars: If a vehicle fires at the bookshelf, glass jars will collapse from it
Location: The table
Electricity: If the bulbs on the wood are charged, they will go down the ramp and damage any opposing vehicles that gets in it's way
Location: The floor


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