"I am Simon Whittlebone! I... AM... GOD!"
—Simon Whittlebone, Twisted Metal 2

Simon Whittlebone is the driver of Mr. Slam and debuts in Twisted Metal 2.

Twisted Metal 2


A disgruntled architect fired from his job, Simon wants to win Twisted Metal for the power to build a structure so grand that it will stretch to the gates of Heaven!

"A man's dreams are all that he has, and they tried to take mine from me! When they fired me from my job as an architect, they crushed my vision. They took my tower! Well no more! When I win this contest, Simon Whittlebone is fighting back!"

Voice actor: Christopher Nissley


Twisted Metal 2 - Mr

Twisted Metal 2 - Mr. Slam's Ending


Mr. Slam Ending (JPN) - Twisted Metal EX

Twisted Metal: Head-On

Simon tm head on
In his Twisted Metal 2 ending, he fell to his death from the top of the Whittlebone Tower. Here, he comes back as a ghost who controls his vehicle. He wants to be reborn so he could finish his tower. In this game, he is voiced by Peter Lurie.


Twisted Metal Head-On - Mr

Twisted Metal Head-On - Mr. Slam's Ending



  • For some reason, Simon looks different in TM:H-O. He appears with parted brown hair, as opposed to his red crew-cut in TM2. He also wears glasses in TMH-O, while in TM2, he did not. Although, his character portrait in TM2 depicts him with glasses. Lastly, he has a mustache and appears to be more overweight than in TM2. He also seems to have lost his Swedish accent, now sounding much more American, and almost like a stereotyical "nerd/geek."

Twisted Metal 2

  • Amazingly, Calypso gave Simon exactly what he wanted in TM2. He may have known that since Simon is crazy, he would kill himself when he gets his wish anyway.
  • His TM2 design looks similar to William Foster, the main character from the movie Falling Down. Whether or not this was intentional is unknown.
  • Seeing that Jamie Roberts was the official winner of Twisted Metal 2, as shown in Head-On, it is impossible for Simon to have built Whittlebone Tower, let alone fall off of it. This thereby creates a continuality error with his appearance in Head-On.
    • However, it's quite possible that he didn't win the competition, but he did finish building his tower.