Slayer concept art for Twisted Metal (2012).

Slayer is an oversized monster truck that assists Hammerhead in Sweet Tooth's final event in his story in Twisted Metal (2012). The only difference is that Slayer is yellow, and Hammerhead is red.

Like Hammerhead, Slayer is a massive monster truck with a heavy metal persona; it has large metal fangs, and a row of smokestacks on top of the cab that resembles a mohawk. His most distinguishable special weapon is a massive shockwave that reels when he slams his wheels into the ground. Slayer and Hammerhead both are operated by members of Mr. Grimm's gang. When one truck is destroyed, the other activates a steel plate shield around its entire being that cannot be penetrated by normal weapons, thus prompting the player to drive underneath the behemoth's wheels so that the gunner can place a C-4. Sweet Tooth's killer instinct kicks in though, and he blows his ally up along with the shield. Now the player must finish the remaining truck without gunner support. Once the boss is defeated, Sweet Tooth wins Twisted Metal, and rushes to Calypso to claim his prize.

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