The Sunsprings Map is a large suburban town, complete with a movie theater, 2 high schools, hospital, church, mansion, city hall, clock tower, and more. The map is divided by a large area of hills at the south end.

Some of the more interesting destructible objects include the water tower and the two satellite dishes on the hills. Destroying these dishes creates a ramp allowing drivers to go from the street to the hills much more quickly. The giant film reels atop the cinema can also be destroyed, which will launch the reels down the street, allow access to a health pickup, and open a hole in the roof through which one can drop into the cinema.

Map Variations

  • Old School - A medium sized variation featuring West High School.
  • Slaughterdale - Another medium sized vartiation, containing the southern hills, mainstreet, the mansion and the movie theater.
  • The Killing Field - This is a small map, containing the West High School football stadium and the surrounding road.
  • Grindhouse - A small and intense map, it features the movie theater and the street in front of it.


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