"...Get everyone amped... break the lamp!"

Sweet Tooth's Bedroom, or simply The Bedroom, is the fourth level in Twisted Metal 4. The level is supposedly the dorm of Needles Kane, as a bed, television, a desk, and toy car ramps and accessories are found throughout the level. However, it is not entirely stated if the contestants fighting in this level have been shrunken to a small size or if the room is actually huge. RC Car is the boss of this level. You battle 5 normal opponents.

Music track:

Ghoulspoon - Alien Magnet02:17

Ghoulspoon - Alien Magnet

Tactics & strategies

  • Destroying the lamp reveals a Lightning pickup. The Lightning comes from the electric outlets, so make your enemies come near them.
  • Underneath the bed and behind the walls, there is a hidden section which hides a Full Health and other weapon pickups.
  • RC Car is not very difficult to defeat, but it does continuously follow you. Do not stay in front of it, because that's where its Laser Special Weapon is shot.


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