"You'll wanna be grounded when you ride the Roller Toaster!"

Sweet Tooth's Carnival (not to be confused with Sweet Tooth's Carnival of Carnage), or simply The Carnival, is the eighth and final level in Twisted Metal 4. It is a large, carnival-based map, with several tents and a haunted house.

A roller coaster delimits the level, and there is a tip truck (known as the Roller Toaster) continuously moving on its track. The tip truck can damage player vehicles by running into them, but it can be destroyed by a Proximity Mine, a Remote Bomb, or one or two Power Missiles . It destroys itself when the boss appears if it was not already destroyed. 6 regular opponents are present. Sweet Tooth is the boss of this level, and the final boss of the game.

Music track:

White Zombie - Grease Paint and Monkey Brains03:52

White Zombie - Grease Paint and Monkey Brains

Tactics & strategies

  • The large tent holds a big amount of weapons.
  • In the middle of the fire ring, there is a partial Health.
  • You can jump on the roof of the large tent. It yields a Lightning object, weapons and a partial Health.
  • There is a Full Health lying on the track of the Roller Toaster. Be careful, however, not to get rammed by the Roller Toaster because you will lose a lot of health upon being hit. You do not want to die just in front of that health pack!
  • Use the teleporter next to the small building (near the large tent) to go on top of it. When you get teleported, plant 3 Proximity mines, drive away a bit (do not jump off) and wait for Sweet Tooth to follow you. Watch the result.
  • If you do not want to use that technique, remember to pelt Sweet Tooth with missiles and other weapons from a distance. He never uses his "Henchmen" Special Weapon from far away. It is also advised to freeze (← → ↑ ↑) him, attack him and then run away, because fighting him head-on for too long is very dangerous. Most average-sized vehicles will get killed in one shot by his Special Weapon.


  • Inside the small building, shoot the walls to reveal pictures of Melvin and Sweet Tooth's other henchmen.

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