"Beneath the drill is a crude and black treasure, but above are riches beyond measure!!!"

The Oil Rig is the sixth level in Twisted Metal 4, and takes place in what seems to be an abandoned oil rig in the middle of the ocean. There are 5 enemies in this level, and as opposed to fighting only one boss, you fight two this time; Super Slamm and Super Auger.

Music track:

One Minute Silence - And Some Ya Lose (Instrumental)03:15

One Minute Silence - And Some Ya Lose (Instrumental)

Tactics & strategies

  • Do not fall off, because it will instantly destroy your vehicle. But if you do happen to plummet into the "ocean", perform a Hyperspace(↑ ↑ ↓ ↓) to get back onto the arena. If you do not have enough energy for this, you are basically done for.
  • There is a helicopter that flies over the map. It lays a partial health on the helipad once in a while. If you destroy the helicopter, it will drop a health and several weapons on the helicopter pad. However, once you pick up the health, it won't respawn, so only take down the chopper if you have no other choice.
  • When fighting Super Auger and Super Slamm, you can win the fight without any effort: go to the helipad. When you're there, lay a Freeze remote on the edge facing the building with the ramp that leads to the helipad. When one of the bosses jump, detonate the freeze remote when they are close to the helipad and watch them fall off. Why is that useful? Because a frozen vehicle cannot hyperspace. Super Slamm will never survive this because it is too slow to make the jump, but Super Auger is slightly faster so it has a much greater chance of landing on the helipad. Sometimes, Both bosses are also attacking each other in addition to the player.
  • There is a teleporter which takes you above the drill. This area has lots of weapons, including a Lightning item. The lightning strikes enemy vehicles in the center of the map.


  • This map is (supposed to be) set in the middle of the ocean, but if one falls off the rig, they will find out that there is no water.
  • The Oil Rig is one of the two levels in the game that has no Full Health pickups (The other being Minion's Maze).

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