Hints & Tips

These codes are entered in-game and used to change the heads-up display.

Effect               Code
Car Death List       Hold X and press Start
Change Camera Angle  Hold ↑ or ↓ and press Start
Rear-View Mirror     Hold → and press Start

Free Health: On the freeway stage, go forward through the first turn. You should see a car on the left side of the road. Blow it up with your machine guns, then drive onto the gray spot where the car was. Wait a few seconds, and you should have full health.

Secret Level: To get to the secret level, defeat the game in Hard mode, then blow up the glass pyramid on the Rooftop stage. To enter the pyramid without blowing it up, line your self up with the pyramid, then turn your back to it. Now back up and hold turbo the whole time. You should fly into the pyramid without breaking the glass!


For some special options, try these passwords. Rather than in-game, they are entered at the password screen under the options menu after a character is selected. They change the in-game play.

Effect            Code
Helicopter View   Ο Ο Δ X _
Unlimited Ammo    Δ _ □ O O
Unlimited Turbo   Δ X Δ Δ O
Invincibility     □ Δ X _ O
  • Helicopter View is only available at certain levels.

Level Passwords

Here are all the level passwords, they work for every character. They are also entered at the password screen.

Level          Password
Warehouse      O Δ □ O O 
Freeway        X □ □ O Δ
Park           X Δ □ O □
Cyburbia       X □ Δ Δ Δ
Rooftop        □ Δ X O X
Final Battle   Δ X O □ Δ
Secret Level   □ Δ O □ □