A list of the weapons, pick-ups and attacks usable in Twisted Metal 2. All information was copied from the Twisted Metal 2 manual.

Weapon Pick-Ups

  • Fire Missile: These are standard projectile missiles with slight homing capability and moderate damage rating.
  • Homing Missile: Capable of zeroing in on an enemy vehicle from a distance.
  • Power Missile: These are the most powerful missiles, causing major damage to enemy vehicles and the fighting environment.
  • Napalm: An enemy struck by napalm instanty catch fire. But watch out! Burning cars can ignite other cars and objects they touch!
  • Ricochet Bomb: When released, these bombs bounce around in the environment until they strike a vehicle (including yours!). The longer the bomb is in play, the more powerful it becomes. Good for pushing your enemies around!
  • Remote Bomb: The most powerful of all weapon pick-ups, remote bombs to do explode until the fire button is pressed again. A flashing dot on your HUD indicates a bomb not yet detonated. Great for laying an explosive trap!
  • Lightning: Only available in certain battlegrounds, the lightning originates from a powerful electrical source. Be sure you're far away, or the results can be shocking!
  • First Aid Kit: These pickups are essential for maintaining your health during a battle and may be limited, so use them before your enemies do!

Advanced Attack

  • Freeze Burst: Left, Right, Up
  • Napalm: Right, Left, Up
  • High Jump: Up, Up, Left
  • Energy Shield: Up, Up, Right
  • Rear Attack: Left, Right, Down
  • Drop Mine: Right, Left, Down
  • Invisibility Cloak: Right, Down, Left, Up
  • Minion's Special: Up, Down, Up, Up, R2. You can hold R2 while pressing Up, Down, Up, Up, also. (Takes Full Energy Meter)
  • Rear Freeze: Left, Right, Up, Left, Right, Down (Weapon inventory must be empty, or you'll just fire the selected weapon backwards.)
  • Rear Napalm: Right, Left, Up, Left, Right, Down (Weapon inventory must be empty, or you'll just fire the selected weapon backwards.)

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