The following is a list of glitches in Twisted Metal 4.


Glitch Glitch Description Glitch Source
Black Chrome Vehicle Works with all vehicles. Shield(↑ ↑ →), then VERY quickly turn invisible(↓ ↓ ↑ ↑). If the timing is precisely right, your vehicle will take on the appearance of being completely black with shiny chrome effects.
Infinite Weapon The last weapon you use before your weapons inventory is empty can be infinitely used through means of Rear Attacking(→ ← ↓ ↓). Source currently not found
Neon City Secret Rooftop Without Plane Ride Can only be done with vehicles with a speed of 3 or higher. Face your vehicle toward one corner of the giant pillar near the train tracks in Neon City, and then continue to drive against it until you begin climbing up to the secret rooftop.
Custom Vehicle Instant Death If you select a custom vehicle with the same name as a selectable vehicle in the game(For example, Orbital), it will die as soon as the match starts. Create Car Trivia section
Flying Construction Vehicles Only works with Trash Man, CrusherSuper Slamm, and Super Auger. If two construction vehicles collide face-to-face with both of their Special Weapons active, they will roll around and/or fly up into the air. If they go high enough, they can fly off of the level map and die.
Inside the Neon City Walls

Make your way through one of the tram's tunnels. Once you make it to the rooftop, head to the edge of the rooftop where you're facing the corner of the secret rooftop and the tram's tunnel. Plant two Proximity Mines and back away from them. Then, activate your Shield, use your Turbo and jump(↑ ↑ ←) over the mines you just planted. They will go off and send you into the air(Make sure you plant only two of them, otherwise your vehicle will most likely fly off of the map and die). Keep Turboing straight ahead until you fly over the wall. If you did this correctly, your vehicle will be inside of the walls. Enemy vehicles can not detect nor damage you. To exit the walls, simply drive out of them.
Play Your Own Music During gameplay, eject the Twisted Metal 4 disc from your console, and replace it with a music CD of your choice. The music from the CD will play while you are playing the game. NOTE: If you beat the level or quit, the game will freeze.