Hints & Tips

Zombie Tunes: To listen to the game's soundtrack and the characters' voiceovers, simply pop TMIII into any normal audio CD player and skip to track #2.

The Blimp Tip: On the final level, Calypso's Blimp, your opponents will regenerate after killing them. To kill them permanently, you must first destroy all of the small switches, then lastly, destroy the large switch in the red room on the first floor.

However, there is a trick where you can destroy the large switch without having to destroy any of the small ones. As Minion or Warthog, ram the switch while simultaneously firing their Special Weapon. The switch will be destroyed if done correctly.

Get 8 Specials: In the Hangar 18 level, destroy all four control panels and enter the portal leading to the top of the UFO. Now, wait until you see a UFO flying around. Shoot it down and your character will be granted 8 Special Weapons. NOTE: The explosions from the UFO can inflict damage.

Secret Weapons:

North Pole:

  • Lightning- Go to the teleporter on the upper level and you will be transported to Santa's Workshop. Destroy it and you will find the Lightning item.


  • Spaceship - Go to the raised level outside of the arena and travel around it till you find a large area with a red light on the front wall and destroy it, continue along the outside and do the same for the three remaining openings. find the road on the lower arena and head into the ship into a teleporter. After teleporting, turn around and destroy the glass dome and grab the UFO item. Use it right away! And This Weapon Smiliar To Lightning


  • Lightning - Go to the temple at one of the far ends of the stage and blow open the entrance. Head down the tunnel into the main room and destroy the pillar in the center and grab the lightning item. Lure everyone into the temple, run out and use the item.
  • Eye - Go to the pyramid at the far end of the stage and destroy the pillar in the front of it, revealing an underground passage. Go through the tunnel and into a room with a coffin. Destroy the coffin and get the pyramid-shaped item. Lay one nearby an enemy, run away, and detonate it.(does pretty massive damage)


  • Radar - Go to the roof with the big radar dish on it and find the ramp on the end of the roof. Use your turbo and jump the ramp and onto the next roof. go left up an incline and turn left again, you should see another ramp. Head straight up the ramp, using turbo, and jump to another ramp on a roof. If you aim correctly of the ramp you should get the item. Go off the roof where the dish is located and use the item.


  • Lightning- Go to the lower level and into one of the two passages that takes you to a road closed wall, destroy the wall and head through the tunnel until you find another road closed wall. Destroy this wall and go up to the blue room with a pack of missiles, a full health pack, a teleporter, and a lightning item. Use the item in either that blue room or the red room on the upper level.

Advanced Attacks

These actions are used in-game, and they require energy. The meter is located just left of the weapon bay. It slowly recharges on its own.

Effect          Code
Freeze Missile  ← → ↑
High Jump       ↑ ↑ ←
Rear Fire       ← → ↓
Invisibility    ↑ ↓ ← →


These codes are entered at the password screen. They change the in-game play or unlock secret levels and extras.

Effect                          Code
All Cheats Activated            Δ Δ Δ L1 L1
Fast Weapons                    R1 R1 L1 L1 L1
More Powerful Weapons           Δ O ↓ ← ↑
Invincibility                   L1 □ X R1 Start
Amber Rose's "Other" Screen     ← □ □ □ ←
Icy Levels                      ↑ ↑ X X ↑
99 Freeze Missiles              Δ ↑ O → Start
CPU Cars Ignore Health          ↓ L1 ↓ Start Δ
Giant Richochet Bombs           ← → ← → ↑
Homing Rain Missiles            ↑ ↓ ↑ ↓ ↑
Solo Deathmatch                 X O O O O
Unlimited Weapons               Δ O ↑ → ↓
All Pickups are Power Missiles  Start L1 Start L1 Start
Infinite Specials               L1 L1 R1 R1 R1
Shoot High Napalms              R1 R1 L1 L1 L1.
Save Game Settings              Start Start Start Start Start
Smart Seekers                   Δ ← ↓ → ↑
  • For the Infinite Specials to take effect, you must begin a game and quit immediately. When you begin a game again, the cheat will have taken effect.
  • For the Save Game Settings, set all of the settings and preferences how you like them. When you begin a new game, you will be prompted to save before the level.

Unlockable Characters

Character      Password
Minion         → → → ← ←
Sweet Tooth    ← ← ← → →

Level Passwords

Flower Power

Level            Password
Washington       X L2 R2 ↓ R2
Hangar 18        Select Start L1 ↓ X
North Pole       ↑ L2 Δ O L1
London           ← □ → X L2
Tokyo            L1 ← X ↑ O
Egypt            O □ ← L2 ↓
Blimp            Select ← R1 R2 ←


Level            Password
Washington D.C.  O → O X Select
Hangar 18        Select O ↓ ↑ □
North Pole       Start ↑ □ → L2
London           ↓ Δ L2 R2 R1
Tokyo            R2 ↑ Δ □ X
Egypt            Δ Δ R1 Select Start
Calypso's Blimp  □ ↑ ↑ Start ←


Level            Password
Washington D.C.  R1 R1 → Select ↓
Hangar 18        X Start X ↑ L1
North Pole       Select R1 ← ← X
London           → → R1 R1 →
Tokyo            ↓ R1 L1 X →
Egypt            R2 Start R2 → →
Calypso's Blimp  Δ L1 Δ → O

Mr. Grimm

Level            Password
Washington D.C.  ↓ ↓ Start R2 O
Hangar 18        R2 X Δ ↓ →
North Pole       Δ ↓ → R2 R2
London           X X □ O O
Tokyo            ↓ L2 Select Select →
Egypt            ↑ O ↑ ↑ L1
Calypso's Blimp  ← → L1 ← L2

Sweet Tooth

Level            Password
Washington D.C.  R1 R1 □ Start L2
Hangar 18        → → ↓ O X
North Pole       L1 L1 Select Select Select
London           ↑ R1 X ↑ →
Tokyo            ← L1 ↑ L2 L1
Egypt            L1 X → Δ Select
Calypso's Blimp  O R2 ← L2 Select


Level            Password
Washington D.C.  R2 Δ ← ↓ L2
Hangar 18        Δ ↑ Select R2 Δ
North Pole       R2 R2 Δ ↓ □
London           R1 X R2 L1 L2 
Tokyo            Start Start Select ↑ L1
Egypt            L2 Start → ← Δ
Calypso's Blimp  R1 R1 X L1 Select


Level            Password
Washington D.C.  L1 □ Δ → ↑
Hangar 18        R1 ↑ ↓ ↓ L1
North Pole       X Δ □ R2 X
London           ↑ L2 O □ L1
Tokyo            ↑ Δ Select → ↑
Egypt            ← ↑ L1 ↑ R2
Calypso's Blimp  L1 R1 ↑ ← O


Level            Password
Washington D.C.  ↑ Start ↓ L1 □
Hangar 18        ← R1 Select O ←
North Pole       L1 Start R2 ↓ Δ
London           O R1 Δ L1 R2
Tokyo            Select Start R1 L2 X
Egypt            Start L1 → R1 R1
Calypso's Blimp  ↓ X □ ↓ Select


Level            Password
Washington D.C.  L1 □ ↑ X R1
Hanger 18        ↓ L2 Start → Select
North Pole       R2 Select Δ R2 ↑
London           Δ L2 → Δ L2
Tokyo            □ Select □ Select Δ
Egypt            ← L2 Start □ R1
Calypso's Blimp  → □ ← Start Select


Level            Password
Washington D.C.  ↑ Δ ↓ → L1
Hangar 18        ← ↑ □ R1 X
North Pole       L1 Δ L2 X L2
London           O ↑ ← O Start
Tokyo            Select R1 R1 → R2
Egypt            Start Start ↑ R2 O
Calypso's Blimp  Δ X R1 Start R2

Club Kid

Level            Password
Washington D.C.  ↓ X ↑ → ↓
Hangar 18        R2 → O L2 L1
North Pole       Δ O ↓ Δ X
London           □ → □ □ ↑
Tokyo            O R2 Start → R2
Egypt            → → ↓ R2 X
Calypso's Blimp  L1 O Start Δ ←


Level            Password
Washington D.C.  ← R2 Select L1 ↑
Hangar 18        L1 R2 X ← ↓
North Pole       O R2 R1 R1 R2
London           Select R1 → □ Select
Tokyo            Start R2 → L2 Start
Egypt            ↓ Select X Δ ←
Calypso's Blimp  L2 L2 ← □ R1


Level            Password
Washington D.C.  Δ Select ↓ O L1
Hangar 18        □ L1 R2 R2 □
North Pole       Start O → ↑ L2
London           ↑ R2 Δ Select R2
Tokyo            ← → ↑ O X
Egypt            L1 R2 X ↑ Start
Calypso's Blimp  O ← R1 ↑ L2


Level            Password
Washington D.C.  Select L1 ← Start ←
Hangar 18        Start L1 → R1 L2
North Pole       ↓ L1 Start L2 □
London           R2 Δ Δ Start ←
Tokyo            ↓ R1 L1 X →
Egypt            □ □ Start L1 Δ
Calypso's Blimp  R2 L2 ↓ X ←

Secret Levels

Level              Password
Warehouse Level    ↑ ↑ ↑ ← ←
Warehouse Level 2  □ □ □ ← ←
Club Kid's House   ← ← ← □ □
  • After entering the password, it will go back to the main menu as though nothing happened. Now go to deathmatch, select a car and ANY stage. You will automatically start in the selected level.