The following is a list of glitches in Twisted Metal III.


Glitch Glitch Description Glitch Source
Instantly Destroy the Blimp's Master Switch Can only be performed with Minion and Warthog. On the Blimp level, ram the Master Switch in the red room while simultaneously firing your vehicle's Special Weapon. The Master Switch will be destroyed without having to destroy any of the smaller switches.
Fight Primeval with Other Vehicles This will only work with the infinite weapons cheat activated, and only on the Blimp level in Tournament Mode. Do not destroy the Master Switch, otherwise the glitch won't work. Grab the Lightning pickup, then after making sure that all enemy vehicles are in the center of the level, spam the Lightning by repeatedly Rear Attacking(←→↓). If the enemies all die simultaneously, the "Prepare to battle Primeval" message will appear onscreen and the enemies will regenerate while Primeval appears, totaling in 6 enemy vehicles present.

NOTE: This will put your console at risk of crashing.

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