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Twisted Metal Car Customizer

Build your own vehicle skin on for in-game play on PS3!


Select your paint color in Step 1 of the Car Customizer

On the website, there was a "car customizer" that allowed you to design a skin for your favorite vehicle that could be imported into Twisted Metal for in-game play on your PS3.  The site had a "Photoshop-like" feature that allows you to paint and design a skin for all the vehicles available in Twisted Metal.  You could also download the "skin templates" so that you can edit them with your favorite graphics software on your computer.  Once you complete your edits on your computer to the skin, just upload them to and then into the game for play on your PlayStation 3.

Note: The Twisted Metal Website is gone, instead "" brings you to a 404 page on

Gallery of Designs

In the Car Customizer section on, there was a Gallery which displays the Highest Rated, Most Recent, and Most Added to Profiles categories of designs created by other players. You could add these skins to your Garage for your own in-game play in Twisted Metal on your PS3.

Ghostbusters version of Meat Wagon

  • Wonka - Sweet ToothGo to Wonka!
  • Knicks - Crimson FuryGo to Go Knicks!
  • NY Giants - KamikazeGo to NY Football Giants
  • Scooby Doo Mystery Machine - VerminGo to Scooby Doo Mystery Machine
  • Punisher - RoadKillGo to Punisher
  • Kiss rocks Twisted Metal!

Kiss always looks good on Sweet Tooth!

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