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    Dark Tooth Mystery

    May 1, 2014 by Coleiosis

    I have always wanted to unlock Dark Tooth in Twisted Metal 2. You cannot unlock that character in that game, but some people have... or did they?

    I searched through the internet to find what people did to unlock Dark Tooth. They said they did some certain things other than use GameShark. Although, various people said that they each put in a different code. I did all those things, but nothing happened.

    I guess GameShark is the only way to play as Dark Tooth. But I don't want to use GameShark, so I'm warning you all not to use it either. It causes glitches and corruptions, causing the music to stutter and the animation to glitch.

    Dark Tooth itself, when using GameShark, does not have the giant flaming clown head on the top of the truck. Instead…

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