I have always wanted to unlock Dark Tooth in Twisted Metal 2. You cannot unlock that character in that game, but some people have... or did they?

I searched through the internet to find what people did to unlock Dark Tooth. They said they did some certain things other than use GameShark. Although, various people said that they each put in a different code. I did all those things, but nothing happened.

I guess GameShark is the only way to play as Dark Tooth. But I don't want to use GameShark, so I'm warning you all not to use it either. It causes glitches and corruptions, causing the music to stutter and the animation to glitch.

Dark Tooth itself, when using GameShark, does not have the giant flaming clown head on the top of the truck. Instead, it is placed in the middle of the battleground that you currently fight at. Plus, the machine guns are regular guns instead of the Napalm Cones that he uses when you are fighting him as a boss.

Although, some foreign people are smart when using him. They managed to find a system all the way over at Peru to unlock Dark Tooth like you unlock Sweet Tooth and Minion. There is a video that a few Spanish people created to make a false ending for Dark Tooth at the end of Twisted Metal 2.

Fake Dark Tooth Ending02:38

Fake Dark Tooth Ending


What it's basically telling is that Needles Kane unites with Marcus Kane together as a team to overthrow Calypso. They think of Calypso as too powerful. Marcus doubts that they will be able to do it. So Minion comes along and joins into their team. Later, Charlie Kane comes and lends Dark Tooth to Needles, saying that he must go and take care of his younger brother. And so, the battle began. Calypso came, driving Darkside, and fought with the three men who rebelled against him. Although, there was no real results.

How strange it was for that fan-made video to be pulled off.

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