--The Pursuit

The pursuit refers to the combat situation which arises when one opponent, who we will call the “pursuer,” is chasing down his enemy, who we will call the “flee-er.” This situation generally arises when the flee-er does not wish to directly engage his enemy at the onset of an attack and instead decides to flee to safety. The reasons for avoiding a full frontal engagement can be many: armor disparities, lack of weapons, lack of vehicle energy, etc.

What is commonly overlooked in the pursuit is the fact that the flee-er has the advantage, for he can direct the path of the battle (unless of course he panics) and can parlay this to a defensive attack.

Pursuers automatically assume that those who flee are weak. A straightforward indication of strength is the vehicle's health. However, even with low health a vehicle can maintain its ability to fight at full combat effectiveness, employing shields and absorption shields to avoid death. With this in mind the pursuit can be ideal for evening the score with a would-be pursuer.

Target fixation is the bane of the pursuer and the boon of the flee-er. Target fixation refers a combatant's fixed view of his target. The view of the target can be a stubborn sight to remove from one's eyes-- in a pursuit situation, this tends to be the case as the pursuer is concentrating on not losing sight of the flee-er.

Not removing one's eyes from the target leaves one's self vulnerable during the pursuit to the flee-ers mines, rear missile fire, bomb detonations, specials, rear freezes and environmental dangers. The damage sustained from an effective rear defense levied by the flee-er can be substantial; this compounded with the fact that the pursuer is in all likelihood not paying attention to his health should be an attractive weakness ripe for capitalization.

Furthermore, the flee-er is often at liberty to check his radar for incoming projectiles, which with practice can be blocked with a well timed shield.

It should be the job of those who wish to take advantage of the pursuer's disadvantage and ill-begotten confidence to feign weakness and lead the would-be assailant on a journey to their perdition.

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