Warehouse screen

Warehouse District Warfare is the second level of Twisted Metal (1995).

Twisted Metal (1995)

Calypso's Nightclub spills out onto the streets where you and 3 enemies go head to head in the warehouse district of downtown LA.

Music tracks:

Twisted Metal 1 Stalk n Roll02:05

Twisted Metal 1 Stalk n Roll

Twisted Metal 1 - Freeway-Free-For-All03:06

Twisted Metal 1 - Freeway-Free-For-All


  • A dog can be found in this level, crossing a street back and forth. It cannot be ran over, no matter how many times you try.
  • Originally the Freeway was part of the Warehouse district, but due to the opponent's AI needing more than 5 minutes to find the Player, it was cut and recreated as the Freeway Level.

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