Watkyn's Harbor is an industrial seaport near Los Angeles, originally based on the Twisted Metal: Harbor City game map. The map features several large factories, like the Diamant Tool and Die smoke stack industrial center, the Detoso smelting facility, the Watkyn's Malt Liquor brewery, and the Petrolco oil refinery. Unfortunately, players do not have access to the docks. A long channel runs throughout the center of the map, dividing it by north and south. The map also has a long freeway portion, that spans the entirety of map, runing east to west.

Destructible buildings include the Inferno strip club. Use missiles to level the front portion of the building and turn it into a ramp that can take you directly onto the highway. Three large red/orange fuel silos in the northern part of the map can be blown up to create additional ramps to the highway and secret rooftop areas.

Map Variations

  • Factory Feud- a large variation, containing the center portion, the far western and the far eastern portions, all connected by the central channel and the northern highway, with the intermediate portions inaccessible.
  • Tool and Die- a medium variation, surrounding the Diamant Tool and Die industrial center, comprising the western portion of the map.
  • Brewery Battle- another medium variation, containing the center portion of the map, featuring the channel, with access cut off to the northern highway.
  • Trench Warfare- a medium variation, featuring the large abandoned factory complex, half of the Detoso smelting facility and a small portion of the channel.

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