In the Twisted Metal games series the Weapons are the objects that you use to hit your enemies. At the beginning of the battle you have some weapons, but you can also pick some more up as you go. There are many dfferent weapon varients. And some are:

Special Weapon

Fire Missile

Probably the most common weapon. The are missiles filled with gasoline and oil, igniting on impact. They have very little homing capability.

Power Missile

A missile that hits with great force. They are perhaps the strongest weapon. But they only zoom straight ahead and have no homing capability whatsoever.

Homing Missile

A heat-seeking missile that follows your enemy. Homes perfectly.

Zoomy Missile

A very fast missile. Not even Twister can outrun these!

Swarmer Missiles

A group of rockets that swarm your enemy.

Stalker Missile

A mix of a Power Missile and a Homing missile.

Freeze Missile

From the first game only, it freezes your enemy once it touches. Becomes an energy attack from Twisted Metal 2 onwards.


An explosive device, varies from game to game. A special code in Twisted Metal III will make them bigger.

Mega Machine Guns

Like the sidearm, but stronger. Only a special code in certain games can cause this.

Remote Bomb

A triggered explosive that you plant on the ground. If an enemy is near, you can hit L2 again to detonate it. Or, if someone touches the bomb without you controlling it, it will explode right underneath him.

Oil Can

A can of oil that can be launched.

Oil Spill

From the first game only, a blob of oil spills onto the ground for enemies to slip on and lose balance.


Explosive fireball that can be launched. A special code in Twisted Metal III can make them launch even higher.


Like Outlaw's special attack, lightning launches from a certain special power source. But it only works for certain battlegrounds. Those who are near it while being activated get zapped. You only have a temporary amount of times to use it. Note: lightning is not in Twisted Metal (1995).


A weapon that changes with the level. For example, in Twisted Metal III, you can shoot lightning from alien U.F.O.s if you are fighting at Hangar 18. There's also the Pyramids from Egypt and the satellite from Tokyo.


A satelite projected Missile.

Rear Flame

A flame-thrower that shoots out of the back of your vehicle.

Land Mine

Drops out of your vehicle and is planted on the ground. Only used in certain games as either a regular weapon or a special technique.

Sniper Rifle

The gunner uses a sniper rifle that will automatically kill the enemy if targeted long enough.

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