"I just came here to give you this, sweetie."
—Zanita Corbett, Twisted Metal 4

Zanita Corbett is a contestant who makes her first and so far only appearance in Twisted Metal 4. She has yet to appear in other Twisted Metal games. She is the driver of Meter Maid.

Twisted Metal 4

Meter maid


Known to shoot out the tires of illegal parkers, Zanita Corbett decided to become a meter maid because, "I like to ruin people's day." After being suspended from traffic enforcement for weapons violations, she used a small inheritance from her deceased father to build a heavily-armored custom meter maid cart. One day her boss found his own car pulverized by 50 caliber machine gun bullets after he parked illegally in a handicapped zone. Zanita got her job back no questions asked.

  • "I just can't wait to win this contest. I have a little surprise for Sweet Tooth that I'd like to deliver to him... personally. Wait'll he find out what's in store for him... *Giggle*"

Voice actress: Lani Minella

Info and Ending:

Twisted Metal 4 - Meter Maid's Info00:18

Twisted Metal 4 - Meter Maid's Info

Twisted Metal 4 - Meter Maid's Ending01:09

Twisted Metal 4 - Meter Maid's Ending



Twisted Metal 4

  • "I just came here to give you this, sweetie."
  • "There is another option, shortcakes. Mr. Tooth can choose to do... community service... and wipe his record clean."
  • "This... mm, "service..." will only take, oh, about... a couple of minutes of his precious time. ❤"

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